Requirements to the articles

Посилання на УРСС 


Collection of scientific works "Management of Development of Complex Systems"

Collection of Kyiv National University was founded in 2010, is issued 4 times a year and operates in the following software areas:

  1. Project management
  2. Information Technology Management
  3. Information technologies of design
  4. Informatization of higher education
  5. Information technology in the economy
  6. Information technology in the energy sector
  7. Technologies of development management of complex systems

Process control of Admission of articles. The articles are edited in the specified period for each subsequent collection. You need following documents for the article: Review of article, recommendation for publication (extract from the minutes) of the organization in which working or studying author is and expert opinion. Also, the articles must be attached pictures in format bmp or jpeg. With a name pic._.

The file name must contain the name of the first author, number of collection and number of direction. Text of the article and documents (as scan) can be sent to the email and printed copy can be sent directly to the editor of the collection. Original documents must also be delivered to the editor of the collection.

Text of the article is submitted in author's edition, set for the authenticity of facts, quotations and other information is the responsibility of the author. Manuscripts will not be returned.

Editorial board asks authors to follow rules and requirements for the articles. Articles that were rejected by the editorial board will be sent to the authors for revision (a term consistent with the author).

In one article sent one (1) copy of the collection at the address indicated by the author (revised post sends only collection nonresident authors).